Pegulan Argo TX Provenza Toned Grey 4m Wide

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Weight per L/M: 6.36kg

Wear Layer: 0.25mm Wear Layer

Thickness: 2.2mm

Roll Width: 4m Wide

Warranty: 15 Year Residential Guarantee

This product is sold in linear metres of 4 m2

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You are about to choose flooring for your home and it needs to meet two very important criteria: the emotional and the practical. Of course it has to look great, it has to complement your lifestyle and taste. That is why there are more than 70 designs in PEGULANS current collection. There's everything from the classic designs to more avant-garde and even the unexpected, to ensure we have the perfect flooring solution for whatever decor you have in mind.

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Weight per L/M 6.36kg
Wear Layer 0.25mm Wear Layer
Thickness 2.2mm
Roll Width 4m Wide
Warranty 15 Year Residential Guarantee

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