Premium Floors Quick-Step Balance Click Canyon Oak Light Brown with saw cuts 1251mm x 187mm x 4.5mm

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Product Information

SKU: BACL40031

Weight per Carton: 17.5kg

Planks per Square Metre: 4.27

Thickness: 4.5mm

Warranty: 20 year Domestic

Square Metres per Carton: 2.105

Quick-Step Vinyl floors are sturdy and practical luxury vinyl floors with a printed surface in a variety of colours. Thanks to their high-quality synthetic core, Vinyl floors are waterproof and sound reducing. Furthermore, they feel very warm and soft to the feet, and because of their exceptional thinness, they can easily be laid on top of existing, level floor coverings. Thanks to our unique Stain Guard technology, most stains just don't stand a chance. Besides that, the increased scratch protection keeps your Balance Click floors looking new.

More Information
Weight per Carton 17.5kg
Planks per Square Metre 4.27
Thickness 4.5mm
Warranty 20 year Domestic
Square Metres per Carton 2.105